City of Fayetteville Parking Enforcement

The following Park Fayetteville off-street parking facilities offer daily and monthly lease parking.


Rates are $1.00 per hour
Special event rate: $5.00 Flat

On-Street parking spaces are not subject to special event rates and are free on Saturdays and Sundays.


Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


There is no time limit in a paid parking space. For non-paid parking areas, please note the parking signage for the time limits.


Special construction/service worker permits are available for purchase in-person only at our office located at 327 Person Street. Please bring copy of vehicle registration when applying for a permit from the city. The cost for this permit is $15 per day or $50 per week or $1,000 per year.


The duties, responsibilities, and functions of our Parking Ambassadors are:

• To provide quality, courteous customer service and promote the safety and proper flow of traffic throughout the streets and parking facilities in Fayetteville.
• To protect the rights of the pedestrians and parking public who abide by local and state parking ordinances and laws.
• To assist in providing available parking to residents, visitors and businesses.
• To enforce the city parking ordinances and laws.
• As a representative of Fayetteville and Republic Parking, ambassadors will perform their duties in a professional manner at all times and to the highest standards.